Friday, April 30, 2010

Darn You Mother Nature!

So my wonderful weekend i had planned is now being ruined by Mother nature. So i have been checking the weather all week just hoping that the weather man was wrong (which a lot of times he is!), and hoping for a rain free weekend filled with an abundance of sunshine! Well of such luck! It is now Friday and i wake up to a dark, rainy and dreary day. BUMMER! Mother Nature also brought me a little gift today...
YUP, she got me! So i guess its a good thing that its raining and i wont have to get in a bathing suit till next weekend! I'll get to have a great Mother's Day weekend out in the sun (PLEASE BE SUNNY!!!) with my little man! What could be more perfect!<3 On a better note...I am having a Fabulous hair day!

 I used my sisters 3-barrel curling iron this morning and I'm not sure how i feel about it!? I really like it, but then sometimes i think it looks funky! My co-worker MISS LINDSAY said it looked good, so I'm trusting her! ;) What do you think? My ends are a little frayed but that's because I am in desperate need of a Haircut! Well i hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday and a great weekend! I am going to try to make the best of my weekend. Maybe a little shopping and Church Festival on Sunday with 2 of my Favorites! :)

P.S. Ryder has the cutest crawl right now! He will crawl with one knee and kick with the other leg. Granted he has to situate himself often because he would be crawling in circles if he didn't, but he sure does get where he needs to go fast! I love when they start getting mobile!


  1. Yeah, I made the blog! I love the hair, now why would I lie to you?! Hope the sun can make it out for a few hours so we can all catch some much needed rays.

  2. the crawl! And your hair does look great! Have an awesome weekend!