Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Murphy's Law = My Family

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".
First off, i have missed you ladies. I haven't even been able to get on and read let alone write a blog i have been so busy lately. Last week, work was super busy, esp. since we had Monday off (yay). The Lovely Miss Merritt put in her 2 weeks and this Friday is her last day, :( I'm so sad but so happy for her! At home i did nothing but clean and run errands...grocery shopping, bought Ryder a bunch of new clothes & an awesome HUGE red wagon, which i haven't even had time to put together & went to the mall and bought my sister a ring from James Avery for her graduation gift. Let's just say i was so happy when it was 5 o' clock on Friday. During lunch i went and got a spray tan and was having such a good day! Went and picked up my babe and when we got home and opened the door, no joke, it was about 90 degrees in our house. NOT HAPPY to say the least! Turns out, our air conditioner had broke & my mom could not get a hold of Jimmy (our Mr. fix it!). Oh & did i mention that this weekend was my sisters Graduation so we had my Grandparents coming in from Oregon and my Sister and Niece&Nephew from Austin. I could not believe my mother was at home CLEANING with no air conditioning, i couldn't take it so me and Ryder packed our bags and headed to my sisters. Luckily, she lives only 15min away! 
We ended up staying there all weekend because we had to get a whole new A/C unit at the house. My weekend was not crazy at all! My parents ended up getting a hotel room for themselves and my brother and another for my grandparents, my little sister stayed at her friends and me, Ry, Courtney (sister), Alexa (Niece) & Aidan (Nephew) all stayed at Misty's (oldest Sister) with Bryan (brother in law) and Brody (Nephew). Did you get all that? :) Saturday we went to the pool and then everyone got ready to go to my Sister's Graduation. It was Ryder's 1st over night stay with his Daddy, so with all of the stress of getting ready with a million people trying to do the same thing, my baby sister Graduating High School and thinking about my boy not being there in the morning when i wake up. I was a complete mess!!!! I didn't just cry when i dropped him off...i BAWLED and was uncontrollably shaking. Pretty good for his 1st night away i think! ;) On another note, i could not be more proud of my little sister and can't believe she will be going off to college soon (so thankful i pestered her so much about how i regret not going to college). After a while of me flailing my arms around like a crazy person, she finally found us in the crowd (i give thanks to my awesome bright pink dress! which by the way she was wearing the exact same one. We started describing what dress we got and what we were going to wear and come to find out, we went to the same place and bought the same dress. Fortunately, they were different colors) & of course i blew kisses and stood up when her principle asked all the parents in the audience to stand up so they could give thanks. Hey, i deserved a round of applause for putting up with her craziness and telling her what not to do/to do even though she never listened and would come back and say 'You were right!'. Of course i was, that's what big sisters are for!

 my sister in her class of 800 and something :) we found her

 we have such a pretty family ;)
court, chels, mom and me

 my beautiful sister, congrats chels

 <3 my sisters (misty is missing)

Saturday night i went out dancing with some friends. I had to keep my mind off being away from my baby! I had soo much fun and stayed up way too late but for once got to sleep in! That was the ONLY plus to him being away! His Daddy brought him home earlier than scheduled (surprise, surprise) on Sunday but i was more than ex-tactic to see him!!!! Everyone came over to my sisters pool and we BBQ'd and hung out all day! I wanna say it was relaxing and nice but it wasn't @ all. Let's just say my family is a little crazy & never organized! Ryder was a fuss all day, and i could tell he was just not feeling well. Also in part to everything being so crazy around him, he was just on a different schedule with not getting to sleep in his own bed, room and being out of his comfort zone of home for so long. My Nephew Brody had been running a fever all weekend so i was praying that Ryder would not catch whatever it was that he had. Esp. since Ryder likes to pick on his OLDER cousin and take his Paci and put it in his mouth. Oh Boy! Monday i started getting ready like normal but when Ryder woke up i could tell is was still in a funk! Normally he sees me and smiles and i pick him up and hes fine, but not today. He was crying and when i picked him up he laid his head on my should with his eyes closed and was just moaning. Of course i called into work so i could stay home and take care of him! :) My sister also stayed home with Brody because his fever kept coming back, so she took him to the Dr. While they ran out and did that i took Ryder to have some blood work done (9 month testing to see if they are diabetic) & he did not make a peep! They even took it out of arm with an IV and everything. He was either just really not feeling well, or my boy is just a trooper! I think he's a pretty tough boy! My sister called me after she took 'B' to the Dr. with some news she didn't really want to tell me. They took a strep test and it came back positive. I WOULD HAVE DIED IF RYDER GOT STREP!!!!! But the Dr. said since Ry was already on med's for an ear infection, he would be fine! Hallelujah! He pretty much slept all day yesterday and when he wasn't sleeping he was fussing. And even though he woke me up @ 2 in the morning...i think he just wanted to snuggle with mommy...he woke up this morning bright eyed and all smiles like normal! Thank goodness! 
This is just one example of why we refer to our family as the 'Murphy's Law Household'. It never fails. Something is either always broken, someone needs help or his hurt, someone forgot something, someone's car needs fixed or someone is having a meltdown. Thankfully, we got the A/C fixed and we can get back home tonight into our own beds and have a nice relaxing night. Next weekend you can bet i will be doing NOTHING!! 

Hope all you ladies enjoyed your weekend! I'll be reading & commenting shortly! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~wordless wednesday...Baby in a Basket

Mommy & Me Picture's
October 2009 (3 Months)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ryder's Weekend Recap

On Friday Mrs. Laura took the day off so mommy's friend (Aunt Brittany) watched me. I love going over there cause i get to play with my friend Hayleigh, she's the best! Even though i wasn't feeling very well, i still had a lot of fun, but i did take a really long nap. It was nice! Mommy got off work early (YAY) on Friday so she could help Aunt Chelsie get ready for Prom. She looked so Booty-full. I Love my aunt Chelsie! Then we went and took some pictures with the family and her friends before they left for the night. I can't wait to go to my prom! On the way home mom picked up some dinner and then we played outside for a little while until mommy said it was bath time. Bath time is one of my favorite things to do! I got sleepy so mommy put me to bed and she went a finished a couple more pages for my scrapbook...i cant wait to see it when it is all finished! I know mommy worked long&hard on it.

 mommy drew this and cut it out. it's going to be for my bath time page! :)

Saturday morning, i woke up and had a bottle & fell back asleep cause i was still sleepy, so mommy did too! Then we got up and she gave me some strawberry-banana yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast, it was so yummy. Mommy and I really wanted to go to the pool on Saturday, since i have never been to the big kids pool yet, but i still wasn't feeling very well. So we played and then she gave me some medicine and put me down for my nap but i don't think she was expecting me to sleep for so long so we didn't get to go to the pool. Mommy said we can go another day though, when i am feeling better! When i finally woke up, mommy was crying and was so sad so i gave her a big hug and snuggled with her, i think she was just stressed out and needed me to wake up so i could make her feel better. We had to go pick up Uncle Trey and then we stopped by Target & mommy bought some clothes and a pair of sandals for herself, which she can't stop talking about and she bought me a cool new shirt. Thanks mommy! When we got home she gave me mac&cheese for lunch, but she kept trying to eat it all so she had to make more! Silly, Mommy. After lunch we showered and went to mommy's friend Mike's house & i got to see my old buddy Dawson who i haven't seen in so long. He didn't wanna share much of his toys with me but that's okay, i made due with what i had! :) We hung out there for a while then went to mommy's friend Kat's Graduation party and boy, was there a lot of people there or what! Everyone wanted to hold me and play with me and make me do silly things. After a while i got sleepy so mommy gave me a bottle and we went home. I think she was surprised to find that i was still awake when she went to get me out of my car seat cause i had been so sleepy and quite on the way home. He He! We were both so tired from our long day so we both went nigh night.

my lizard towel after bath time 
On Sunday's i go to my daddy's house for a little while so mommy fed me some fruit loops and oranges for breakfast. I have never had fruit loops before but now i love them. I hope she gives them to me again soon! :) While i was gone mommy went shopping and did some cleaning and then got to lay out for a little while. I always miss my mommy when I'm gone. I get so excited to see her when daddy drops me off & i know she misses me because she smothers me with kisses when i get home. Mommy's kisses are the best! We went to the store when i got back so mom could get a few things & she bought me some big kid meals, i couldn't wait to try one! When we left the store mom must not have wanted to cook anything cause she drove around trying to decide what she should eat for dinner and I'm sorry but i was just really cranky and wanted to try my big kids dinner so bad that i cried the whole time. Mom kept laughing but i didn't think it was very funny & she kept saying 'Ryder, you are fine!', but i wasn't fine, i just wanted mommy to play with me! I didn't actually like my big kids dinner too much but mommy said we are going to keep trying so i get use to them. We played for a little bit and went on a walk outside. Mommy carried me but complained the whole time about how heavy i was...Sheesh, thanks mom! Before Mommy put me to bed, we shared the frosty she got for us earlier in the day and boy oh boy was it yummy! I slept like a baby (literally) that night.

I normally don't like Monday's because that means mommy has to go back to work but thank goodness i have Mrs. Laura, cause i really like her! And mommy said that today when she picks me up, we FINALLY get to go swimming at Aunt Misty's & Uncle BoBo's. I'm so excited to go swimming and see my best bud Brody! I have missed him so much! Is it 5:30 yet?

Love you mommy & have a wonderful day @ work!

Friday, May 21, 2010


 I love the smell of white out.

My Grammar is awful.

I was thinking of weddings and people who re-marry ever couple of years then it made me think about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon because since they have been married, they have gotten re-married once every year. Which then got me thinking of the HUGE tattoo on his back that says "Mariah" (that wasn't dumb at all) & then on to Ryan Schecklers HUGE tattoo of his last name across his back (which i actually think is pretty cool). What a Cutie, what ever happened to that kid? 

Never really got the saying 'You have to spend money to make money.' because the more money i spend, the less i have!?

I  can not stand the sounds of my voice over the phone, on video, voice mail, ect...

Yay, its Friday and i cant wait to leave work early and do my little sisters hair for prom!

Okay whoa...my little sister is going to prom, then she'll be graduating and going off to college? Where have the years gone?

Ryder's nose is so raw from whipping it...poor baby has a bad runny nose! I miss him when I'm at work! :(

My new shoes are THE COOLEST, but definitely not the most comfortable.

I'm helping my friend Lindsay with some idea's to decorate her closet, so i am living out my dream walk in closet through her. Sigh...one day!

I really have such great, wonderful friends! Shout out to Miss Brittany, so glad i have you in my life! :) (she's watching Ryder for me yet again today because my sitter took off.) I owe you big time!

Doesn't understand men. One minute you are cheating on your GF then you propose to them!? Where have all the good men gone? Oh that's right, you blogging ladies stole them all! :)

Cant wait to see my boy in an hour and a half! (i get to leave @ 3 today!!!!!)

Jamming to the 80's/90's mix on Pandora Radio today.

& Poolside tomorrow Ü

Dost thou love life?
Then do not squander time,
for that is the stuff life is made of.
Benjamin Franklin

Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work + Pandora = Good Day!

10 Followers!!! :) WaHooo
(only 439875293875 more to go!)

Today's post is inspired by the lovely Kelly @ Keeping Up with Kelly & Co.  about her new ipod touch app that i thought was AWESOME! I do not have an ipod but if i did, that would be my #1 app, for sure! I believe that i would literally go insane without music. This is no joke! I always have it on, at home, in the the car and thank goodness i now listen to it at work. Two of my favorite things in the world are singing&dancing and you cant do either of those without music. Play a song and i will know it, i wont know the singer/group or the name of the actual song but i bet i will know the words. Any kind of music and 'Omg, i love this song' i will sing it! I recently discovered Pandora Radio Online and it's the best! You can type in a Singer/Group/Song/Year...anything and it will play all the songs from that Singer/Group/Song/Year and matches it up to like songs. You basically are creating your own radio station to listen to. Today i typed in Ace of Base (i am a sucker for 80's & 90's music...my friends hate when i play it in the car) and here if just a brief list of the songs i listened to today...

All That She Wants- Ace of Base
I Love You Always Forever-  Donna Lewis
Can't Help Falling in Love- UB40
Love Fool- The Cardigans
Blooming 18- Ace of Base
Like a Prayer- Madonna
Can't Get You Out of My Head- Kylie Minogue
Where Do You Go- No Mercy
Down Under- Men at Work
(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight- Cutting Crew
All the Things She Said- T.A.T.U.
(^random but ill take it Ü)
It Feels So Good- Sonique
 (one of my favorite songs ever...brings back so many horrible & wonderful memories from when my sister was in a coma for 3 months (thats another story))
Don't Turn Around- Ace of Base
Return to Innocence- Enigma
Baby Don't Hurt Me- Haddaway
Take My Breath Away- Berlin

 It's always the best when you are listening to the radio and they surprise you with an oldie but a goodie. Just one of those songs that brings back memories and you cant help but turn it up super loud and jam! :) People always ask me 'How do you know so many songs?' or 'What's your favorite song?' and i really don't have an answer. I just grew up with a house full of girls who loved music. We would all get together when we were younger and make up dances or when family was over, turn up the radio and everyone would just dance. Now days, i get to sing & dance for Ryder and he cant get enough. It's like babies are programmed to like music because they are always moving one way or another when they hear some sort of music or sounds. Well Ryder, you better get use to it because mommy is going to be dancing for you for years to come! :)

Does anyone have a Specific song that they absolutely just love?

Monday, May 17, 2010


1. I adore my job! Played volleyball the last hour of work on Friday & won both games! :) Luckily, we beat the rain that was coming in & it wasn't too hot.

2. OBSESSED: So I'm no Twi-hard fan or anything...i mean don't get me wrong i love me some Twilight & was always trying to get my friends to watch it with me (i have seen it about 100 times), but I'm not one to obsess over movies. Well i recorded Opera last week when the cast of Twilight was on and absolutely fell in love with Rob Pattinson. He Seemed so down to earth and sarcastic and witty & that is what i find most attractive in guys. Also, has anyone seen the You Tube video (or the Ellen show) of a 6th grader covering the song Paparazzi by Lady GaGa on the piano? Well if you haven't, you must! AMAZING! I think its so amazing to find people who can actually sing and have real talent. 

3. Tip for mommy's or mommy's to be...DO NOT put your child to bed without any clothes on. Friday night was pretty busy for me and Ry so after bath time i fed him some dinner and he was literally falling asleep in his chair. So i didn't bother putting any PJ's on him (he usually gets super hot anyway), made him a bottle and put him to bed. Well Saturday morning, he woke up like every other morning, talking to himself and rolling around in his bed. I wake up with my usual 'Good Morning Sweetie' & notice he doesn't have his diaper on! (Oh Boy!) So i get up to turn the light on and find what looks like a Poop Bomb exploded in Ryder's bed! That's probably an understatement, too! In his hair, his face, under his fingernails...it was everywhere! (honestly, i could not help but laugh and wish i would have grabbed the camera...he just looked so happy and had no idea what was going on). I woke up my sister telling her i needed her help & to go look at Ryder. She was pretty mad that i woke her up but i got a kick out of her gagging and freaking out when she saw the mess. I literally just stuck him in the shower and let the water run right on top of him and scrubbed every inch of his body, then had to just throw everything in his bed away and scrub it with every cleaner known to man. Oh the joy's of motherhood! :)

4. Loved the rain all day Saturday! Me and Ryder laid around and i did a lot of laundry/ cleaning. Then we got to go hang out with Miss Marley while the rest of the family got to get away for a nice dinner. We ate pizza and played a lot of memory. She has got to be one of the smartest 2 year old's i know!! She just loved on Ryder the whole night (but who doesn't?) and got very sad when we had to leave. Can't wait till i get to watch her again!

5. Finally watched Avatar and is not sure what all the fuss was about. Every time i saw one of those blue people they reminded me of my cat (meow). Although, the visual/special affects were pretty awesome!

6. FINALLY got some sun on Sunday and now have a slight bathing suit line.  I remember when i use to be tan year round and my sisters would tease me that our mother had a one night stand and i had a different father, they were just so jealous of my tan skin of course! Now i have never been so pale in my life...even my 9 month old child is tanner than me!

7.  My little sister has prom this Friday. YIKES, i feel so old! I can't believe she will be heading off to college in a couple months. Leaving a bit early on Friday so i can help with her hair and make-up. I'm putting extensions in her hair, I'm so excited! I love doing hair&make-up!

I guess i picked the wrong day for him to wear this shirt...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just something to get me through the day

Cousin Brody came over to play with us in Ryder's new splash pad. They LOVED it!
Yes, i attempted to get in a bathing suit...Ryder was my sheild for the pictures! ;)
They are going to be the very best of friends!