Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1st Officail Mothers Day


Finally, a few min of free time to get a new post in! This weekend was my first official mothers day & it was amazing! Though i feel like my whole weekend was none stop and sleepless, i really didn't do much of anything for mothers day! It was Great!!! ;) I did however get a wonderful gift from my little man..."he" made me a card at the sitter on Friday (cant wait to get stuff like that from him every year) & he didn't have to go to his Daddy's on Sunday, i got him all to myself! Friday after work, we went and did a little shopping and i bought the cutest new Romper & not knowingly bought sweet Marley B a matching one! Saturday i ran some errands and got my nails&toes painted :) then off to Marley's 2nd Birthday Party. I took my nephew Brody, whom i am completely obsessed with, and we played in the bouncer...which i had to drag Brody in...i swear he is such a little baby when it comes to stuff like that and we just cant figure out why. By the end of the party he was loving it though and Ryder just loves everything wild, crazy and dangerous so you know he had a good time. It's so crazy how fast these little ones grow up. I love it and hate it all at the same time! After the party we went and hung out at my sister&brother in laws house for a bit so we could play with Brody some more. Brody and Ryder are OBSESSED with each other, it is the cutest thing ever! Saturday night i went out with some of my girlfriends who also have kids for a little pre-mothers day celebration. I think i celebrated a little too hard! Sunday was great, i stayed in my PJ's all day and just hung out with my family. Brody came over for a little while and taught Ryder how to climb up the stairs Oh Joy and we gave my mom her mothers day gift! We got her a laying out goodie basket filled with a beach towel, tanning oil, hair clips&headbands, a 'crystal light' pitcher, a bathing suit wrap, a lawn chair and this super cool misting thingy that stand on the ground and you hook it up to the hose and you can lay out while it mists over you. I will def. be using that myself! :) The rest of my day consisted of playing with Ry, grabbing myself some sushi for dinner and watching a movie till i fell asleep. Perfect ending to my weekend! 

Hopefully tomorrow i can put up some pictures...i have sooo many!!
Everyone had a Blessed Day!

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