Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday :)

Yay for it being Monday...NOT! But the bills have to get paid somehow, right! My weekend was WONDERFUL as usual...the more time i get to spend with my boy the better & he is basically crawling which is awesome and horrible all at the same time! He can get to the other side of the room in no time and will not stop talking! I LOVE IT! Except for the minor fact that he says a lot of  "D's" & "A's" :(  I actually went out Saturday night which is a very rare thing for me but had such a fun night with my wonderful friend Monika, just dancing the night away like old times! I love her to death! The rest of my weekend was spent running errands and cleaning...oh and a little scrap booking too! Hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully this week goes by fast! (Luckily its suppose to be a BEAUTIFUL week!)

Here are some pictures from my work crawfish boil last week. I had so much fun playing Ladder Golf (i have never played before and beat EVERYONE! Literally!), Volleyball and crawfish by the pounds is always good! And the Athlete of the Day Award goes to..........ME! :)

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