Tuesday, April 27, 2010


*Favorite things about Summer*

Since there are TONS of things i love about summer, I'm going to share my top 2 summer picks for just today! :) I went to Target today on my lunch break and got a couple things that i am so excited about...

 1. For Ryder; Banzai Baby Sprinkles Splish Splash Pool ($34.99). Can't wait to play in this with him & Brody (my nephew) this weekend! And, ill finally be able to get some sun!

2. For Mommy; Merona Straw Crown Floppy Hat ($12.99). I have always wanted one of these "J-Lo" sun hats, but have always thought they looked funny on me. I know i wont wear it too much because i love the sun in my face but had to get it...i needed it! ;)

Needless to say...i am so very excited for this weekend!


  1. that little splash thing looks so fun! I may need to get Raleigh one of those! And love the big floppy hat!

  2. Your little boy is precious!!

  3. That looks so fun..Love the hat too! Summers are truly the best!