Monday, May 17, 2010


1. I adore my job! Played volleyball the last hour of work on Friday & won both games! :) Luckily, we beat the rain that was coming in & it wasn't too hot.

2. OBSESSED: So I'm no Twi-hard fan or anything...i mean don't get me wrong i love me some Twilight & was always trying to get my friends to watch it with me (i have seen it about 100 times), but I'm not one to obsess over movies. Well i recorded Opera last week when the cast of Twilight was on and absolutely fell in love with Rob Pattinson. He Seemed so down to earth and sarcastic and witty & that is what i find most attractive in guys. Also, has anyone seen the You Tube video (or the Ellen show) of a 6th grader covering the song Paparazzi by Lady GaGa on the piano? Well if you haven't, you must! AMAZING! I think its so amazing to find people who can actually sing and have real talent. 

3. Tip for mommy's or mommy's to be...DO NOT put your child to bed without any clothes on. Friday night was pretty busy for me and Ry so after bath time i fed him some dinner and he was literally falling asleep in his chair. So i didn't bother putting any PJ's on him (he usually gets super hot anyway), made him a bottle and put him to bed. Well Saturday morning, he woke up like every other morning, talking to himself and rolling around in his bed. I wake up with my usual 'Good Morning Sweetie' & notice he doesn't have his diaper on! (Oh Boy!) So i get up to turn the light on and find what looks like a Poop Bomb exploded in Ryder's bed! That's probably an understatement, too! In his hair, his face, under his was everywhere! (honestly, i could not help but laugh and wish i would have grabbed the camera...he just looked so happy and had no idea what was going on). I woke up my sister telling her i needed her help & to go look at Ryder. She was pretty mad that i woke her up but i got a kick out of her gagging and freaking out when she saw the mess. I literally just stuck him in the shower and let the water run right on top of him and scrubbed every inch of his body, then had to just throw everything in his bed away and scrub it with every cleaner known to man. Oh the joy's of motherhood! :)

4. Loved the rain all day Saturday! Me and Ryder laid around and i did a lot of laundry/ cleaning. Then we got to go hang out with Miss Marley while the rest of the family got to get away for a nice dinner. We ate pizza and played a lot of memory. She has got to be one of the smartest 2 year old's i know!! She just loved on Ryder the whole night (but who doesn't?) and got very sad when we had to leave. Can't wait till i get to watch her again!

5. Finally watched Avatar and is not sure what all the fuss was about. Every time i saw one of those blue people they reminded me of my cat (meow). Although, the visual/special affects were pretty awesome!

6. FINALLY got some sun on Sunday and now have a slight bathing suit line.  I remember when i use to be tan year round and my sisters would tease me that our mother had a one night stand and i had a different father, they were just so jealous of my tan skin of course! Now i have never been so pale in my life...even my 9 month old child is tanner than me!

7.  My little sister has prom this Friday. YIKES, i feel so old! I can't believe she will be heading off to college in a couple months. Leaving a bit early on Friday so i can help with her hair and make-up. I'm putting extensions in her hair, I'm so excited! I love doing hair&make-up!

I guess i picked the wrong day for him to wear this shirt...


  1. Oh my goodness! That poop story is too funny! :)

  2. Had to come over here and respond back to your sweet, sweet comment on my post today (you're no-respond so I couldn't write you back :-( You can change that by going to your dashboard, hit "edit profile" and check the box next to "show my email" This makes it SUPER easy to respond back to comments! :-))

    Anyways, yes it's such an EASY concept to enjoy life, yet why is it always SO hard to do sometimes?? ;-) You have a precious baby, glad I found your blog as well! Happy Tuesday :-)

  3. OMG!!!! your little guy is SO SO SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!


  4. Your baby is too cute!! And that story is really funny!! lol

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