Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work + Pandora = Good Day!

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Today's post is inspired by the lovely Kelly @ Keeping Up with Kelly & Co.  about her new ipod touch app that i thought was AWESOME! I do not have an ipod but if i did, that would be my #1 app, for sure! I believe that i would literally go insane without music. This is no joke! I always have it on, at home, in the the car and thank goodness i now listen to it at work. Two of my favorite things in the world are singing&dancing and you cant do either of those without music. Play a song and i will know it, i wont know the singer/group or the name of the actual song but i bet i will know the words. Any kind of music and 'Omg, i love this song' i will sing it! I recently discovered Pandora Radio Online and it's the best! You can type in a Singer/Group/Song/Year...anything and it will play all the songs from that Singer/Group/Song/Year and matches it up to like songs. You basically are creating your own radio station to listen to. Today i typed in Ace of Base (i am a sucker for 80's & 90's friends hate when i play it in the car) and here if just a brief list of the songs i listened to today...

All That She Wants- Ace of Base
I Love You Always Forever-  Donna Lewis
Can't Help Falling in Love- UB40
Love Fool- The Cardigans
Blooming 18- Ace of Base
Like a Prayer- Madonna
Can't Get You Out of My Head- Kylie Minogue
Where Do You Go- No Mercy
Down Under- Men at Work
(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight- Cutting Crew
All the Things She Said- T.A.T.U.
(^random but ill take it Ü)
It Feels So Good- Sonique
 (one of my favorite songs ever...brings back so many horrible & wonderful memories from when my sister was in a coma for 3 months (thats another story))
Don't Turn Around- Ace of Base
Return to Innocence- Enigma
Baby Don't Hurt Me- Haddaway
Take My Breath Away- Berlin

 It's always the best when you are listening to the radio and they surprise you with an oldie but a goodie. Just one of those songs that brings back memories and you cant help but turn it up super loud and jam! :) People always ask me 'How do you know so many songs?' or 'What's your favorite song?' and i really don't have an answer. I just grew up with a house full of girls who loved music. We would all get together when we were younger and make up dances or when family was over, turn up the radio and everyone would just dance. Now days, i get to sing & dance for Ryder and he cant get enough. It's like babies are programmed to like music because they are always moving one way or another when they hear some sort of music or sounds. Well Ryder, you better get use to it because mommy is going to be dancing for you for years to come! :)

Does anyone have a Specific song that they absolutely just love?


  1. I'm now following you! Count me as follower #12.

  2. Ahhh! LOVE FOOL! I looove that song!! I remember just being obsessed with it my 8th/9th grade year!! Pandora radio is the best. I just love music soo much. Hope you're having a gret day, girl!! :-)