Monday, May 24, 2010

Ryder's Weekend Recap

On Friday Mrs. Laura took the day off so mommy's friend (Aunt Brittany) watched me. I love going over there cause i get to play with my friend Hayleigh, she's the best! Even though i wasn't feeling very well, i still had a lot of fun, but i did take a really long nap. It was nice! Mommy got off work early (YAY) on Friday so she could help Aunt Chelsie get ready for Prom. She looked so Booty-full. I Love my aunt Chelsie! Then we went and took some pictures with the family and her friends before they left for the night. I can't wait to go to my prom! On the way home mom picked up some dinner and then we played outside for a little while until mommy said it was bath time. Bath time is one of my favorite things to do! I got sleepy so mommy put me to bed and she went a finished a couple more pages for my scrapbook...i cant wait to see it when it is all finished! I know mommy worked long&hard on it.

 mommy drew this and cut it out. it's going to be for my bath time page! :)

Saturday morning, i woke up and had a bottle & fell back asleep cause i was still sleepy, so mommy did too! Then we got up and she gave me some strawberry-banana yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast, it was so yummy. Mommy and I really wanted to go to the pool on Saturday, since i have never been to the big kids pool yet, but i still wasn't feeling very well. So we played and then she gave me some medicine and put me down for my nap but i don't think she was expecting me to sleep for so long so we didn't get to go to the pool. Mommy said we can go another day though, when i am feeling better! When i finally woke up, mommy was crying and was so sad so i gave her a big hug and snuggled with her, i think she was just stressed out and needed me to wake up so i could make her feel better. We had to go pick up Uncle Trey and then we stopped by Target & mommy bought some clothes and a pair of sandals for herself, which she can't stop talking about and she bought me a cool new shirt. Thanks mommy! When we got home she gave me mac&cheese for lunch, but she kept trying to eat it all so she had to make more! Silly, Mommy. After lunch we showered and went to mommy's friend Mike's house & i got to see my old buddy Dawson who i haven't seen in so long. He didn't wanna share much of his toys with me but that's okay, i made due with what i had! :) We hung out there for a while then went to mommy's friend Kat's Graduation party and boy, was there a lot of people there or what! Everyone wanted to hold me and play with me and make me do silly things. After a while i got sleepy so mommy gave me a bottle and we went home. I think she was surprised to find that i was still awake when she went to get me out of my car seat cause i had been so sleepy and quite on the way home. He He! We were both so tired from our long day so we both went nigh night.

my lizard towel after bath time 
On Sunday's i go to my daddy's house for a little while so mommy fed me some fruit loops and oranges for breakfast. I have never had fruit loops before but now i love them. I hope she gives them to me again soon! :) While i was gone mommy went shopping and did some cleaning and then got to lay out for a little while. I always miss my mommy when I'm gone. I get so excited to see her when daddy drops me off & i know she misses me because she smothers me with kisses when i get home. Mommy's kisses are the best! We went to the store when i got back so mom could get a few things & she bought me some big kid meals, i couldn't wait to try one! When we left the store mom must not have wanted to cook anything cause she drove around trying to decide what she should eat for dinner and I'm sorry but i was just really cranky and wanted to try my big kids dinner so bad that i cried the whole time. Mom kept laughing but i didn't think it was very funny & she kept saying 'Ryder, you are fine!', but i wasn't fine, i just wanted mommy to play with me! I didn't actually like my big kids dinner too much but mommy said we are going to keep trying so i get use to them. We played for a little bit and went on a walk outside. Mommy carried me but complained the whole time about how heavy i was...Sheesh, thanks mom! Before Mommy put me to bed, we shared the frosty she got for us earlier in the day and boy oh boy was it yummy! I slept like a baby (literally) that night.

I normally don't like Monday's because that means mommy has to go back to work but thank goodness i have Mrs. Laura, cause i really like her! And mommy said that today when she picks me up, we FINALLY get to go swimming at Aunt Misty's & Uncle BoBo's. I'm so excited to go swimming and see my best bud Brody! I have missed him so much! Is it 5:30 yet?

Love you mommy & have a wonderful day @ work!


  1. I loved reading this. Ryder really does love his mommy. So does his Aunt B. :)

  2. My babies love Fruit Loops too! Don't worry, you have all summer to swim, its only gonna get hotter!